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Microsoft 365 Education offers a suite of student-centered solutions that help create an equitable learning environment for all and help students succeed in the classroom and beyond. Find which plan is right for your institution below.

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Check out an overview of our three tiers of academic plans: A1, A3, and A5. Then, talk to the experts on our sales team who can guide you through the costs and benefits of each plan. Start accelerating learning for all students today.

Microsoft 365 A1

A simple, one-time-per-device learning solution for modern workloads. Save time by managing all devices in a single dashboard.

Microsoft 365 A3

The right solution for institutions that need all the A1 features, plus desktop apps, advanced security, and analytics.

Microsoft 365 A5

Our most comprehensive plan features everything A3 offers, plus streamlined licensing, security, and management tools.

Microsoft Copilot, your AI assistant for education​

Copilot with commercial data protection is available to all faculty and higher education students ages 18+ who are signed in with their school account, including users of our free offers. Commercial data protection safeguards your organization and ensures your data is your data - they aren’t used to train the underlying large language models. With Copilot, faculty and students 18+ can get better answers, greater efficiency, and new ways to be creative.​
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With Microsoft 365 for Education, everyone can work or study their way.

Frequently asked questions

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Microsoft 365 Education is a productivity cloud suite that enables the creation of equitable learning environments. We achieve this through solutions that help accelerate learning, prepare students from classroom to career, are inclusively designed, and support instructional and IT leaders with trusted and secure solutions.

Microsoft 365 builds on top of Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and provides enhanced management, security, and compliance tools.

  • Education Insights: Education Insights is a free, out-of-the-box analytics solution for schools using Teams for Education. It automatically connects key apps within Teams and the Microsoft 365 graph and makes student data easy to access for teachers and education leaders.
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  • Reflect: Help students recognize and navigate their emotions by providing regular opportunities to share and be heard. Reflect can help broaden learners' emotional vocabulary and deepen empathy for their peers while also providing valuable feedback to educators for a healthy classroom community.
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  • School Data Sync (SDS): A Microsoft 365 application for EDU tenants that connects with external 3rd-party systems (typically student information systems–SIS), to ingest and store data for the purposes of dynamic Microsoft 365 provisioning and enriched Microsoft 365 insights and analytics.
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  • Azure Data Export: Ability to export data from SDS and Education Insights (including Reflect, Assignments, and Progress / Coach data) into an Azure or 3rd -party data repository. This functionality currently requires Education Insights Premium.

  • Open Education Analytics (OEA): An open-source effort led by Microsoft Education to empower education systems around the world to use data, analytics, and AI more effectively and ethically to improve learning outcomes. Institutions can access models from GitHub and learn best practices from other institutions to do advanced analytics such as predictive analytics.
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There are three tiers of Microsoft 365 Education available, each with an array of helpful and inclusively designed features. Connect with one of our education experts to learn more about pricing and see how you can build an individualized plan that works best for your institution.
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There are three versions of Microsoft 365 Education for your institution you can choose from:

  • A1: A simple, one-time-per-device learning solution for all your modern workloads. Support every learner with desktop apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Minecraft: Education Edition, and more. This license also provides cloud management through Microsoft Intune for Education to save time by managing your devices in a single dashboard.
  • A3: Enhance learning with desktop Office apps and increased security and management tools. Includes everything in the Microsoft 365 A1 license, plus additional features like Bookings and Live Events. The A3 plan also provides advanced security, management, and analytics.
  • A5: Streamline licensing and potentially reduce costs with our most comprehensive suite of learning, compliance, security, and management tools. Includes all the teaching and learning features of Microsoft 365 A3.
  • Available in over 50 languages to support ELL, non-native speakers, deaf learners, and those with auditory processing disorders or cognitive differences
  • Real-time translation in over 100 languages with PowerPoint Live translation
  • Reading Progress and Reading Coach is supported in over 100 languages
    List of supported languages

We can’t answer this directly, as Google’s Practice Sets is still not generally available. However, here are some differences based on what we do know.

  • Pricing: Learning Accelerators is a set of free tools (available with an Office 365 A1 free license), where Google Workplace requires their Plus or Teaching & Learning upgrade license.
  • Skills & subjects: Learning Accelerators already support Reading and Search (digital literacy), and we are planning on launching new Learning Accelerators for Math and Speaking (communication) later this school year. It is unclear which subjects or skills Practice Sets will support beyond math.

Microsoft is committed to supporting equitable learning environments in all school systems. This means using safe and trusted first-party solutions that foster inclusivity, enable real-time insights, leverage available cloud services, and best prepare students for the future.

  • Microsoft provides students with equitable education solutions that are inclusively designed to help all learners achieve more.
  • Microsoft delivers solutions for educators that help them accelerate learning, support social and emotional well-being, and prepare all students for the workplace of tomorrow.
  • Microsoft Education solutions support instructional and IT leaders with trusted, secure, and future-proof hardware and software options that are affordable, simple, scalable, and sustainable to meet the critical needs of education today and in the future.
  • Our teams have partnered with experts in each field to develop our Learning Accelerators tools. For example, we partnered with reading fluency experts such as Dr. Tim Rasinski, Pam Allyn, Dr. Mark Seidenberg, and Dr. Timothy Shanahan to develop Reading Progress and Reading Coach.
  • Reading progress has been awarded a research-based design certification for Digital Promise

Many of our built-in tools are seamlessly integrated with Education Insights. Insights integrates student engagement with Teams for Education with Assignments, our emotional well-being survey tool Reflect, and Learning Accelerators to give educators and leaders a more holistic view of their students in an out of the box solution.

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From a single classroom to an entire school district, Microsoft 365 Education has the tools students, educators, and IT professionals need to succeed. Connect with an expert to personalize your plan and receive pricing for your school.

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