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On-demand: This is AI … for Sustainability. Get guidance for your sustainability journey and learn how to drive business transformation with Microsoft data and AI solutions.

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Start your transformation with the leader's guide

Whether you're in finance, operations, or IT, get strategic guidance to shape your organization's journey. Learn about building a strong digital foundation to track and manage sustainability data, speed progress toward goals, and control costs while growing business.

Assess your impact

Make full use of your data investments to measure and monitor your environmental footprint.

Accelerate progress

Adopt data-driven solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

Transform your business

Reimagine your business systems and business models with innovative digital technologies.

Cloud-scale analytics to meet the future head on

Today’s organizations face growing pressures to improve their ESG performance while growing business. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability provides the foundation to collect, standardize, and report ESG data from across your operations and value chain—giving you the visibility and insights to drive progress.

2022 Environmental Sustainability Report

Get a close-up view of our actions, progress, and learnings as we strive to meet our 2030 commitments. See how we’re investing for the long term—moving from pledges to progress while helping others do the same, accelerating new climate solutions, and supporting policies to enable a more sustainable world.

Join us as we set our sights on the future

Our commitments: Advancing the sustainability of our business, from pledges to progress

Technology solutions: Creating sustainability solutions for operational efficiency and environmental impact

Global transformation: Supporting the societal infrastructure for a sustainable world

Build for the future with experienced solution providers

Explore off-the-shelf and custom Microsoft technology–based sustainability solutions that are designed to help you drive value while achieving your goals.

Sustainability in action

Start your sustainability journey

Find out how you can create efficiencies and build a more sustainable future using Microsoft cloud–based technology solutions.

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